Zero grazing can help with the Bovine TB issue


Bovine TB is having devastating effects in certain areas of the country. The link with the bovine TB to wildlife is controversial (see The Times article here) but many farmers are not willing to risk contact between livestock and wild populations, resulting in continuous housing. Green Forage have recently supplied a grazer wagon to one such farm, allowing grass from away land, where no wild populations exist, to be brought back to the farm.  

This approach demonstrates the flexibility the Bonino machines can offer to farmers, ensuring fresh grass is fully utilized and expensive bought in alternatives are not required. By cutting and carting the grass productivity is increased by approximately 30% as no poaching and fouling takes place, thereby maximizing the amount of cutting ground set aside for silage stocks.

Contact the Green Forage team for details of the various machines in the Bonino range and how they can help your individual circumstances. 


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