Zero grazing solutions for dairy farmers

zero grazer

Giunone 900 with cross conveyor

Greenforage 3 in 1 zero grazing forage wagon

Based on Bonino self loading forage wagon with front disk mower

The heart of the Green Forage zero grazing system is the Bonino Forage Wagon. The unique design allows the crop to be cut, collected and fed out using one machine, thereby obviating the need for numerous operations, which tie up more than one tractor and possibly more labour.

The machine is a standard forage wagon with a two drum rotary disk mower attached. It works in a offset position when it cuts but it travels in line with the tractor once the cutting operation is over. Flotation tyres option for very wet grounds is available.

The rotary mower is height adjustable and cut grass is loaded via a conveyor without touching the ground, eliminating contamination and possible wastage. Large floatation tyres and double axel wheels on larger machines ensure there is minimum ground disturbance. All operations are controlled from the tractor cab. Hydraulic controls are available on demand.

Feeding out can be done from a raised rear tailgate or with a cross conveyor to feed directly into a trough or feed passage. The zero grazer can be customized on the customer’s need.

The machines are manufactured in Italy in a variety of models and sizes to meet customer requirements and to cope with a wide range of conditions.

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Bonino was established over 60 years and remains a family run business. High quality engineering and a product which has been in production for over 30 years provides the assurance of trouble free operations. The collaboration of Green Forage with the manufacturers ensures a reliable and efficient after sales service provided by specialist technicians.