Grass silage analysis performed in Kendal

Thursday the 21st of November we did a grass silage analysis at the Low Sizergh Barn Farm, just outside Kendal. 

Richard Park wanted to have the quality of his feed checked and he wanted to see how the 3 different cut of silage he made during the summes were performing in terms of nutrients. So we did a grass silage analysis in field with our portable forage analyzer AgriNIR™ right next to his silage pit.

We drove to his farm right next to his silage pit, and while he choose which samples he wanted to have analyzed we plugged the portable forage analyzer in the 12v plug of our car.We selected which type of feed we wanted to analyze among the 10 families available, and we decided to make 3 reading of every sample. Richards decided to scan 5 samples from his first, second and third cut of silage, in order to have a complete view on his feed.

In less ten minutes the analysis was done and Richard had in his hand the printout with the results: he had a real time picture of what he is actually feeding his cows !! No sample preparation, milling, drying and other time consuming activities: we scanned the samples as it was taken from the silage pit .

The speed of the process, the simplicity of the silage analysis and the accuracy of the machine was what impressed Richard the most. “With this system” he said ” it is possible for me to monitor, in a very accurate way, what I am feeding my cows and I can make changes in the diet of my cows any time is necessary” “And you did it right in mi silage pit… amazing!!”

Thanks Richard, happy to help.

Your Cows will love it !!!

Silage analysis

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