British Dairying on the AgriNIR™ NIR analysis system

British Dairying issue of July had an article on our new nir analysis system.

The portable system of anaysis AgriNIR™ based on NIR technology was presented at the Livestock Event 2013.

Agrinir™ Portable NIR feed analyzer

British Dairying Article


“Cumbrian-based Greenforage have introduced a portable analyser for forage and feed on to the UK market. AgriNIR is a portable NIR analyser for forages, grains and TMR that quantifies the percentage of moisture (dry matter), crude protein, starch, ADF, NDF and ash of the plant material being analysed in seconds.It allows farmers and nutritionists to carry out sampling more often so they can monitor rations throughout the year and make sure rations are fine tuned as quality fluctuates. Analysis costs are cheap—there are nearly no direct costs per single analysis after initial purchase and servicing costs of the analyser. The analyser is very simple to use and does not require any technical expertise. There is no need for pre-sample preparation such as milling or drying. Operators simply put the feed material in the sampling cup, insert the cup into the AgriNIR analyser and start the analysis. The result can be read on a display on the analyser. The analysis results can also be printed on a ticket or transferred to a computer using a USB memory stick. The forage analyser is pre-loaded with NIR calibration curves for seven NIR Families (Crop Families) and with a total of 44 curves. Other crop families and calibration curves can be supplied by the Italian manufacturer Dinamica Generale Srl. All of the components except the external power supply (AC or DC) are enclosed in a high-impact transport case that is equipped with wheels and an extendable handle. ”


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