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Evo NIR Onboard Analyser: the NIR Solution

Evo NIR forage analyser

EvoNIR is part of the latest NIR solutions onboard analysers from Dinamica Generale, ready to bring precision farming to the next level.

On the same farm NIR Solutions contribute at different times to increasing profitability and allow the manager to make informed decisions, with an impact on the final outcome which is considerable.

When our customers invest in one of our NIR solutions they know that the return on their investment is going to be quick especially because the NIR systems deliver their benefits in multiple situations. The FLEXIBILTY of the Evo NIR system for forages is the winning element:

  1. Assessing the maturity of crop for harvest planning: any farm manager knows how critical it is to make the right decision when it comes to planning the harvest. On the one hand it can make a big difference to the quality of the crop harvested. On the other, for large organisations, the cost of logistics has to be taken into consideration as well as the readiness of the crop. Having a NIR instrument that, in 60 seconds, supplies a clear picture of the situation in the fields allows users to make informed decisions with a relevant impact on the economics of the operation.
  2. Monitoring the performance of fields by creating yield maps: knowing the performance of every field, not only in terms of product weight but especially in terms of crop nutrients, is an absolute must. Knowing the quality and quantity of the crop is a key factor in verifying the performance of crop in the silage pit and deciding the strategy when it comes to fertilising. With the EVO NIR system installed onboard of the forager and of the harvester the operation is easy and effective. 
  3. Testing loads delivered by contractors or from different fields: often farmers receive loads from contractors. The contracts are DM based but establishing the real content of DM is a time consuming and sometime long operation that can’t be performed for every load. Instead, with a NIR Solution, in just 60 seconds, silage can be tested and the nutrients verified, with the possibility of printing out a receipt and/or saving the data, creating a database of loads for every contractor.  
  4. Silage Performance: traditionally testing silage when there is a problem in the silage pit provides a result too late to take effective action. With an NIR System the result arrives in real time and multiple tests can be done at no extra cost. This means that action can be taken in real time.   
  5. Precision spreading: the very same unit can also be installed on board of slurry tankers, spreaders and umbilical systems to detect the components of slurry and allow a precise distribution. If the tanker is fitted with a variable rate application and section control, the system can be interfaced with the NIR analyser and, utilising the maps created during the harvesting, will distribute accordingly.   

Same scanner, same display, different calibrations and different mounting brackets to tackle a vast number of tasks: this is what EvoNIR is about.

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