Evo NIR Onboard Analyser

Evo NIR Onboard Analyser

Greenforage DG EvoNIR Onboard

EvoNIR is the latest NIR onboard analyser from Dinamica Generale, ready to bring precision farming to the next level.

By taking NIR technology ‘in-field’, with the portable and hand held devices X-NIR and AgriNIR,  Dinamica Generale have made NIR analysis available to farmers, feed manufacturers, nutritionists, vets, and Biogas plant managers for use on a daily basis.

With the Evo NIR onboard analyser, the Italian manufacturer is bringing NIR technology to the next level, increasing the advantages for users even more.

The Evo NIR onboard analyser is a system that can be installed on board of foragers, combine harvesters, balers, feed mixers, forage wagons and slurry tankers, to perform an analysis of nutrients in real time and, with its GPS system, it creates a map of every single field.


The idea is to have an NIR analyser that, for a start, can be utilised to assess the maturity of the crop and then make a harvesting plan. The same system is then used to check the performance of every field, and to map the yield. If contractors are involved it can be employed to check the quality of chopped material delivered. In the silage pit the system becomes the ideal tool to monitor the nutrients of silage and, when it comes to spreading slurry, a targeted spread means that only what is necessary is delivered back to the field.

So, just to be clear: same NIR optical unit, same display, working in different machines, testing different materials like fresh grass, fresh maize, hay, grass silage, maize silage, slurry, digestate. Obviously what changes is a) the adaptors to fit the NIR oboard analiser into different machines and b) the calibration curves. It is evident that the return on investment is extremely quick because the NIR onboard analyser can be utilized not only for the harvesting period but all year round.

 EvoNIR Combined Harvester Videos  
Evo NIR Onboard New Holland