The Evo NIR forage analyser for any machine

The Evo NIR forage analyser is the ultimate precision farming solution

 One of the main features of the Evo NIR forage analyser is its adaptability.

The growing need for testing the performance of crop in field and in real time during harvesting, makes the Evo NIR forage analyser an invaluable tool. 

The fact that it can be installed both on new and on already working forages, harvesters, slurry tankers, and self propelled machines increases dramatically the profitability of this instrument. 

For this reason the EvoNIR forage analyser can be installed on machines of any brand, new or already working.

 FENDT Katana Small EvoNIRFendt  
 Jaguard Claas Small EvoNIRClaas  

From a mechanical point of view, the installation of the Evo NIR forage analyser done with a new or with an already working machine is not very different. From a data integration point of view things can change quite a lot. The Evo NIR forage analyser is in fact supplied with its own indicator (display) and with its own GPS and 3G modem and this is what we describe as the “standard setup”. However, Evo NIR forage analysers can also utilize the ISOBUS protocol to communicate. Depending on the machine and on decisions made by its manufacturer, the data can be integrated on different levels. For example some foragers have a system that we can call ‘task controller’ and, depending on the age of the forager we have 3 possible scenarios

  1. The Task Controller is active: this means that the EvoNIR can utilise the GPS system already working and it will be connected via Isobus directly to the already existing monitor. In this case the data coming from the NIR can be fully integrated with the weighting system of the forager and will supply the perfect solution: a yield mapping system that will combine the weight and the nutrients detected from the NIR system.
  2. The Task Controller is not active: we can still connect the EvoNIR via Isobus to the monitor of the forager but the monitor will act simply as a display. The data will be stored in the USB cartridge connected to the EVO NIR forage analyser and the data will need to be exported with the 3G modem and via USB. To manage data the FieldTRACE software can be utilised.
  3. Stand alone system: the stand alone system has its own display and 3G modem. The data collected is transferred with the 3G modem and with the USB cartridge and managed with the FieldTRACE Software. 

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