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Greenforage Biogas Solution

At Greenforage we are committed to helping biogas plant managers obtain maximum efficiency, on the one hand, by sourcing grass, the cheapest possible feed, and, on the other, managing performance of feed produced or purchased on a daily basis.

Given the considerable quantities of maize silage and other feeds utilized in an anaerobic digestor, Greenforage offers a solution that produces significant improvements from Day 1:

the Bonino forage wagons fitted with flail mowers, which collect grass cut to the ideal length for digesters, and the Dinamica Generale NIR analyzers and weighing units, which monitor silage and maximise performance.

Zero Grazer Biogas Solution

Our zero grazing forage wagons are the ultimate solution when it comes to managing Biogas plants. Now  you can combine maize silage or any other  feed you are using with cheap grass. Our forage wagons are fitted with flail mowers that allow the operator to utilize a wide range of  grass, brambles and brushwood. The knives of the flail mower can be adjusted to chop the grass up to 2 cm and the cutting height is adjustable too.

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The onboard NIR PrecisionFEEDING™ analyzer can be installed on the bucket of the front loader or on the scapper of the self propelled wagons. It performs a continuous NIR analysis of the feed being loaded and communicates with the digestor in order to make adjustments and recalculate the recipe in real time. This ideal solution checks the quality of ingredients in order to produce more energy. Customized solutions available.

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With our portable forage analyzer checking the nutrients of feeds and forages becomes a quick and effective daily routine: in 60 seconds biogas plant managers can perform a full NIR analysis to check the DM and all other parameters of loads of grass and silage delivered by contractors. The analysis can be done in the silage pit too and in under any circumstances since the analyzer can be powered by the tractor’s/car’s lighter.

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