X-NIR Portable Nir analyzer

X-NIR portable NIR Analyzer – Anywhere, Anytime Feed Analysis


NIR analysis is well recognized as a reliable method for measuring nutrients in agricultural feeds.

By taking NIR technology ‘in-field’ in the form of a portable, handheld NIR analyzer unit, such as the X-NIR, farmers, feed manufacturers, nutritionists, vets,  and biogas plant managers can obtain actionable, realtime results while reducing costs from third-party testing.

X-NIR takes lab-proven technology off the bench and makes it usable by non-scientists. Results are available within minutes on-site enabling actionable, accurate decisions that increase profitability.

The X-NIR is a handheld portable NIR analyzer that is in its element outside: in the silage pit testing silage, in the cows’ shed testing TMR, in field testing maize and grass before the harvest or testing chopped crop on its way to the silage pit. Occasionally the X-Nir is comfortable also in the office testing grains, flour or other types of feeds (over 50 families available!).

Dinamica Generale X-NIR handheld analyser


  • QUICK: Never wait to get results again. X-NIR delivers full NIR analysis in less then a minute. The results can be stored in the internal memory of the X-Nir or on a USB stick
  • SIMPLE: Analysis are performed without sample preparation, no cutting, milling or drying
  • RELIABLE: Analyse all types of materials from forages to grains to pellets
  • COST EFFECTIVE: no cartdrige, consumables or other expensive accessories every time you analyze
  • ECONOMICAL: X-NIR directly impacts the profitability of the user organization allowing a tremendous increase in number of analysis performed on site without increasing the cost per analysis.
  • EASY TO USE: the X-NIR does not require any specific technical knowledge and it is user-friendly. The operator chooses what he wants to analyze, the ID of the sample and the number of scans he wants to do for every analysis… and then he presses the trigger!
  • ACCURATE: With the X-NIR portable NIR analyzer not only the amount of dry matter, but also the amount of protein, crude fat, hash, ADF, NDF and other nutrients are all detected within seconds.

Dinamica Generale X-NIR handheld NIR analyzer


  • All in one analyzer: the scanner NIR unit and the computing unit are integrated into one single instrument
  • Strong structure IP64 ideal for opeasting in any type of weather or conditions
  • Multilanguage user interface
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs thanks to long life
    components (i.e rechargeable battery)
  • 4.3″ Touch screen interface to access all functions with a
    simple fingertip
  • 50 families available on request by country or area coverage as a
    result of Dinamica Generale’s more than 10 years of experience in NIR
  • Open data system: info detected by the X-Nir can be printed out, utilized with the NIR TRACE software supplied, or can be imported to any pre-existent software as the data can be exported in TXT or XLS format.


How do our customers use the X-NIR :

  1. NUTRITIONISTS: They can now check the real content of the TMR mixed by the farmer and can verify that it X-NIR portable NIR analyzeris in line with the recipe they prescribed
  2. VETS: They often deal with problems that originate at a nutritional level so the X-NIR is a useful tool to understand what the animal was really fed.
  3. DAIRY FARMERS: They can monitor the performance of their silage and make sure that they do not overfeed expensive, purchased feeds such as proteins etc…
  4. BIOGAS PLANT MANAGERS: In the biogas sector the X-NIR is utilized in at least 3 different ways, to:
    1. CHECK LOADS DELIVERED: Often Biogas plants have DM based contracts with farmers and contractors that deliver either freshly chopped crops or silage. Traditional methods of analysis, if performed at all, are expensive and/or time consuming. The X-Nir allows biogas plant managers to perform constant monitoring of the nutrients of what is being delivered at no extra costs per analysis and in real time.
    2. CHECK FIELD PERFORMANCE: With the X-NIR, the performance of each field harvested can be accurately monitored allowing better planning and better use of fertilizer.
    3. CHECK SILAGE: Monitoring the level of nutrients in silage in the silage pit is a key factor to ensure an omogenous production of Biogas. The X-NIR portable NIR analyzer performs its predictions in 60 seconds at no extra cost so testing the silage becomes a daily routine.

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