Grizzly Tracked Dumper





At Greenforage  we are committed to continuously helping our customers meet the ever-changing challenges of their specific field, providing an extensive range of equipment for a variety of project applications.

Our top class tracked dumpers offer you flexibility no matter your task. We specialize is creating machines offering mobility on extreme terrains. Working on uneven, barren and steep terrain, at times with soft ground to negotiate, the Grizzly tracked dumper still maintain high speeds with low ground impact. The low ground pressure system compliments our commitment to the environment.
Our tracked dumpers deliver reliable, Italian-engineered, user-friendly solutions to some of the most challenging working conditions on earth: locations otherwise only accessible by helicopter or purpose built roads.

Grizzly tracked dumpers are used in various industries including forestry, pipeline welding, mining, agriculture, logistics, construction and people carrying. Custom model requirements are effectively delivered with a keen eye for practicality, ease of use and customer satisfaction. We create machines customized according to client’s needs, providing high performance and reliability, bearing in mind the necessity for simplicity of use, maintenance, accuracy and duration.


 Grizzly Carrier for Caves, Mining, Motorways, Building and Railway Construction

There are times when a normal truck is not enough: think of having to remove soil from inaccesible areas when building new motorways, railways or new big estate developments, or working in tire hostile areas like mines or caves… the tracked dumper is the answer. Grizzly Carrier grants access to any given terrain, efficiently transporting sand, earth and other materials over various arid and soft grounds. The rubber tracks of our tracked dumper, which have no joints,  allow low ground pressure at high speeds.



Grizzly Forester

Tracked dumpers have great traction on boggy or muddy ground and can travel on steep inclines where a rubber tyre vehicle would spin out. Diesel engines and multi speed transmissions ensure strength and durability whilst the rubber tracks ensure low ground pressure and reduced soil compaction. Grizzly Forester tracked dumper is uniquely designed to access and handle any territory whilst ensuring minimum ground impact, a central issue on sensitive lands like tundra and other protected areas. Timber hauling from thinning for forest maintenance, logging as well as transport done within forests, are all part of the Grizzly Forester’s lumber repertoire.



Pipeline and Welding Station

Chief pipeline contractors appreciate the advantage of having a mobile welding unit on board a trucked dumper as well as the possibility of accessing areas that otherwise would require a purpose built road or the use of a helicopter. Grizzly Pipewelder tracked dumper is aiming to support our customers meet the ever-changing challenges of pipeline construction, the Grizzly Pipewelder delivers onshore pipeline welding technology with a mobile welding station. The mobility of the welding station provides flexibility with everything you need loaded and operational on the vehicle thus saving time and man hours.


people-carrier_small_borderMobile Workshop / People Carrier

Imagine being able to move your workshop into the most extreme locations or having a people carrier that will not be stopped by a river or a slippery 30% slope, by severe heat or ground conditions. Grizzly Mobile Workshop and People Carrier are only two of the many custom-made fittings available in our board range of options for the tracked dumper. The flexibilty of Grizzly solutions allows our customers to the maximise the profitibilty of their investment and minimise costs.


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