Lavender Harvester

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The lavender harvester Bonino BE 400 is the only solution on the market specifically designed and built for harvesting lavender.

At Green Forage, exclusive importers of Bonino self loading forage wagons, we are extending our range of machines to include the lavender harvester and aromatic herbs harvesters. These specialist harvesters are the result of the 40 years of experience the Italian manufacturer Bonino has accumulated in the field of cut and collect forage wagons.

When it comes to harvesting large fields of lavender, today growers and farmers can now count on the lavender harvester Bonino BE 400: a self loading, cut and collect forage wagon initially developed by Bonino to fulfill the requests of local producers of lavender located near their manufacturing site. One of the things we love about Mr. Bonino is that whenever a customer challenges him with a new request his passion kicks in: the result is always thrilling as it represents the best possible solution to a very real need.

What lavender producers are ultimately looking for is simple, clear and… challenging –  the lavender harvester had to be:

  1. Fast to harvest large fields
  2. Easy to use by a single operator
  3. Precise during the cutting phase. The machine had the follow the shape of the bush cutting the stem without damaging the plant
  4. Gentle with the lavender to preserve its essence
  5. Flexible able to unload into trailers or into containers (!)

 lavender harvester cutting system
harvest lavender cutting

The solution was a synthesis of creativity and experience:

  1. Two purpose-built rakes fit at the front of the machine. Acting like a comb, they group and direct the lavender towards the centre. The rakes are adjustable to suit any type of lavender bush.
  2. A customized two drum disk mower cuts the lavender and conveys it onto the collection point just behind the cutting group. One of the unique features of this machine is its tilted and adjustable disk mower which can follow the shape of any lavender bush. The position of both the rakes and of the mowing disks can be adjusted making them suitable for any variety of lavender and for any type of terrain.
  3. The machine is equipped with an electronic board that oversees both the hydraulics and the mechanics of the lavender harvester. With the control box the operator manages every phase from the cab of the tractor.
  4. Once cut, the lavender is gently pushed to the collection point at the back of the mower where a pickup system lifts the lavender into the trailer part of the harvester.
  5. Designing the ultimate unloading system was very challenging but electronics was there to help. The hydraulic door is the standard unloading solution, where the moving floor of the trailer simply pushes the lavender out. To unload into a container (or to overcome a barrier) the harvester is equipped with a cross conveyor that collects the lavender delivered by the moving floor of the trailer, lifts it and drops it… to the great happiness of all lavender producers!

  lavender harvester
Lavender harvester back door
Lavender harvester

             tractor pulled lavender harvester

 To see the specs or for more info use the links below. Custom solutions available.

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