Greenforage Landscape and Airfield Maintenance Solution

landscape maintenance

Landscape maintenance (and airfield maintenance) is the art and vocation of keeping a landscape healthy, clean, safe and attractive,typically in a garden, yard, park, institutional setting, or estate.

Green Forage Ltd, exclusive importers of Bonino mowing equipment, are extending the range of machines they market to include the DG series of  mowers for the landscape maintenance of large area situations such as parkland and sports fields.

These machines will complement the existing cut and cart Bonino mowers which Green Forage already market for agriculture. The Italian built machines include 3 models in the DG range, the DG50, DG60 & DG70 which are based on a flail cut system. The capacity varies from 23 to 30 m³, with the possibility of having bigger capacity on demand.



 Airfield Maintenance Grass Cutting
Airfield Maintenance Grass Cutting
Airfield Grass Cutting and Landscape

Airfields maintenance and contractors company find this machine incredibly beneficial:

  1. Being able to adjust the height of cutting from between 2 and 15 cm avoids the issue with birds
  2. The fact that the grass is immediately collected means that there is no risk of any residual grass on the side of the runway getting caught in airplane engines.
  3. Since the machine cuts and carts at the same time it saves sugnificant amounts of money both in terms of man hours and in terms of fuel consumption.
  4. Not to mention the fact that during the operation of airfield maintenance, the grass collected can be used by biogas plants.
  5. Low impact on the ground ( flotationg tires are available).

Cutting width is 1.9 m for all models and cutting heights can be adjusted between 20mm – 150mm. The machine can operate in-line or offset from the towing tractor. Flails are interchangeable depending on vegetation type and cut material is collected in an enclosed trailer with a hydraulically driven moving floor.

  Landscape and Airfield Keeping
Airfield and landscape mowers

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