Greenforage zero grazing solution

Every farm is unique and requires a management system which optimises the productive capacity of the land. Conventional winter housed/summer grazing systems often present problems and restrict the efficiency of the unit. The Green Forage zero grazing system using the Bonino Grazer Wagon can provide flexible solutions on many dairy units including:

  • Utilization of inaccessible land
  • Reduced damage to soils
  • Extended grazing season
  • Increased grass intake

The limitations of grazing swards are well understood. The reduced performance is due to treading, poaching and fouling caused by the animals. Research has shown that up to 30% increased efficiency can be obtained from a cut and cart system.

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Controlling feed costs is central to efficient livestock management and well managed grass has always been central to achieving this aim. Increased input costs are pressurising margins like never before. Fresh grass is the cheapest feed available. Dairy Co data shows the cost of grazed grass at £75/tonne DM compared to £210/tonne DM from TMR.

High costs of silage making and feed losses in the fermentation process can be avoided by feeding fresh grass.

Improved utilisation of land means that less area is required and provides further benefits:

  • Reduced conservation costs
  • Reduced fertiliser costs
  • Increasing stocking rates
  • Reduced concentrate feeding

The labour and machinery required to operate a zero graze system has always been restrictive. Mowing, picking up and feeding required more than one man and multiple machines. With the Bonino Zero Grazing Wagon three operations are combined with the one machine, operated by one man saving time and money. With our machine you’ll be able to make the most of your grass!