Zero grazing at its best

Bonino Zero Grazer

Bonino Zero Grazer Grass Feeding

At Greenforage we believe that cutting, collecting and feeding the grass to the cows is one of the ways to improve efficiency when it come to animal feed.

Doing it with the right equipment can make a huge difference in the final result and using a Bonino, the most popular and appreciated zero grazer with over 70 years of experience, is the answer.

We could spend hours telling you all about the features that make Bonino the best zero grazer on the market:

  • The strong but light idea behind  Bonino’s construction philosophy to reduce ground compactio
  • The benefits of having a fully hydraulic machine that doesn’t require a massive tractor
  • The cross conveyor for lateral unloading that can also feed directly into the troughs (yes our cross conveyor really works!)
  • The control box and the electronic board that sincronizes everything with precision and simplicity,
  • The cutting and collect system studies to minimise the grass damage to preserve it fresher for longer… and many other features that make Bonino forage wagons the choice of many farmers in the UK and in the world.

 Bonino zero grazer conveyor belt  

Instead we want to talk about the key point which answers the question:

What’s in it for you ?

Bonino Zero Grazer