Cattle and dairy cow weighing solutions

Greenforage dairy cow weighing system

Greenforage dairy cow weighing system


Our cattle and dairy cowweighing solutions help farmers to keep cost under control and to maximize the results of their daily work. Our wide range goes from simple stand alone scales to walk over weighing system for a constant weight monitoring.

The benefits of knowing the weight of the animals in real time are multiple:

* Feeds Control: farmers will be able to control the impact in the changes of the diets of the animals in real time.

* Reproductive Performance: Assessment of weight loss after calving will enable farmers to manage their feed. Information that makes it possible for farmers to identify those cows continuing to lose weight after six weeks of lactation, allows them to draft these animals and feed them preferentially. This process will increase their chance of becoming pregnant quickly when mating begins.

* Individual animal health monitor: a regular check of the weight of the cows will help to identify cows that may be suffering from illness or lameness.

* Monitoring growth of young stock required for mating:
Regular weighing of young stock will enable you to manage the feed regime to achieve the required growth rate. As a general rule of thumb, young stock should be 60% of mature weight before mating begins.

* Drying-off timing decisions:
To achieve the correct calving liveweights, drying off decisions need to be timely. Frequent weighing will identify those individual cows within the herd that have lost the most weight over their lactation. It will also identify those cows approaching a weight at which they need to be dried off to ensure cow condition can be recovered during the winter period prior to calving.

* Improved genetic selection:
Cow liveweight determines the maintenance feed required. Large cows producing a given amount of milk solids per year, are less efficient than smaller cows producing the same amount.


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