PrecisionFEEDING™ Onboard feed analyzer solution for Biogas



The system is an onboard feed analyzer based on NIR analysis technology for installing directly onto the bucket of the  telescopic  handler, in the scraper of self-propelled machine or in the feed mixer. During loading the scanner analyzes the material in front of it and delivers a precise NIR reading  of the various nutrients present in real time: DM, starch, protein, crude fat, ADF NDF and ash. Once installed it does not require any technical expertise and  is ready-to-use since there is no sample preparation.

The uses and benefits derived from the implementation of this system in the biogas sector are multiple, allowing the:

  1. management of the levels of DM in loads delivered by contractors and suppliers, both of newly harvested material and of purchased silage, to be done simply and immediately;
  2. monitoring of the performance of specific fields in terms of production obtained which can then be used to plan and differentiate between different fields;
  3. tracing of the performance of the silage in the pit, making a comparison between analyses carried out during the filling phase and those made at loading for the digester;
  4. better management of the quantity of dry matter being loaded into the anaerobic digester. In fact, the system offers the possibility of interacting with the digester, making recalculations, according to the DM reported, regarding the quantity of silage to load into the digester. The operating system is open thus allowing the use and import of information gathered to other software systems. In this way, for example, the ecologist has access, allowing adjustment and improvement of feed performance in the biogas production process.

The system revolutionizes the concept of forage analysis turning it into a daily routine: forage analysis, either wet chemistry or NIR, used to be a slow  and expensive process, often undertaken infrequently and most of all, the forage analysis was  only as good as the sample taken. Now the PrecisioFEEDING™ onboard NIR system takes it to another level: it allows continuous analysis making valuable information available in real time. Now it is possible to control the variability of any feed directly in the silage pit or in field, in any type of weather and at no extra cost. The more analyses you make the quicker the cost of the investment is amortized.

At Egmere Energy – Future Biogas in Norfolk the machine onto which the analyzer was installed is a telescopic handler JCB 550-80.


Thank you Egmere Energy !!